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With the world almost fully digital and online learning gaining more ground, starting your language school isn’t a bad idea. You need a plan of action before starting your online school because it can’t materialize from thin air. 

There are steps to take to ensure you don’t mess up, create great courses, and help people learn. Setting up your school is pretty easy; you only need the proper guide.

Read on to find out!


7 Steps To Take To Start A Successful Online Language School

You need to delight your students if you want your online school to be successful.

Here are the steps to take to start your online language school:

  1. Validate your course idea
  2. Draft topics for your course
  3. Choose your tools
  4. Devise your marketing plan
  5. Choose a platform
  6. Customize your landing page and website
  7. Go live

1. Validate your course idea

If you want your online language school to succeed, you must start by validating your course idea e.g French, Yoruba, English etc. This will help you create classes everyone will love to enroll in, even when there are other options.

Check whether your course idea has potential using value propositions. Some questions to ask are:

  • What problems is the course going to solve?
  • Why should a student pay for this course?
  • What do your students stand to gain when they complete the course?

While at it, you can identify your competitors and note the things to learn and improve on to stand out. This can give you insights into budgeting, course creation, marketing, and other important things.


2. Draft topics for your course 

Once you have ideas on how to make your online language school unique, you can draft the topics you know will help you and your students achieve your goals. Create e-learning content that you’re passionate and knowledgeable about, and relevant to the course. You can start by writing out your objectives for the topics, then building the outlines. These will guide you.

Then choose learning methods, write catchy course titles, and devise learning materials. Some of these will go on the online platform you choose later on. There are tools available with templates that you can utilize to create your curriculum.

For example, Pledre provides you with templates of curriculum or course outlines that you can use to create for your courses.



3. Choose your tools 

You should consider tools to use with your online school to improve productivity and automate repetitive tasks. Some online learning platforms are equipped with some tools you can use with your online language school.

Some tools you need include email marketing software, referral to an affiliate marketing tool, marketing, and sales tool, analytic software, and productivity apps, among others. Pledre offers email marketing in the Marketing and Communication Suite where you can track open rates, click-through rates etc.


4. Devise your marketing plan

Like every business, your online language school needs a marketing plan that will inform how prospects will find and perceive you. You need to adopt an effective marketing strategy that will help sell your course and grow your students’ number.

For example, you can hire a marketing expert to help you out if you can afford it. You can also use a lead magnet on your website or landing page to get them to sign up. In addition, you need to engage in social media promotions and offer coupons, discounts, or other offers that will prompt people to sign up.


5. Choose a platform

While this could be the first step, it could also be the fifth. Choosing the perfect platform is crucial to help you. Most learning platforms have unique features, tools, and capabilities that you can employ to create your online language school.

Pledre is one platform you can never go wrong with. Using Pledre to set up your online language school will add the perfect boost to your academy. It’s easy to use and user-friendly, with signing up not complicated. You can get started for FREE!

Here’s how to get started:

Step one: Click the “Get started for free” button on the homepage to signup

Step two: Create your online language academy by hitting “Create new school” and following the prompt.

 Step three: Click on “start a new course” and create your course

Step four: Create course content manually or from a template

The creator suite is also available to help you create amazing course content without the need for expensive equipment.

You can also watch a live demo on steps to creating your online language school here 


6. Customize your landing page and website

Branding is important for every business, and your online language school isn’t an exception. This is one of the major determining factors of whether people will take you seriously and sign up for your online school.

One important part of your branding is your landing page. Your landing page is where your potential students will  “land on” before deciding whether they want to proceed to your website and online school.

You cannot afford to do a shabby job with this because it is the first impression people have of you. Also, you should consider using SEO here because you want your landing page to rank when someone types  “online language schools near me” or similar keywords. Then, invest in a quality, compelling and eye-catching copy, logo, color, themes, and fonts. You can easily customize your online language school’s landing page on Pledre.

The same applies to your website. Important pages you should put on your website include the homepage, about us, subscription pages, blog, testimonial page, and signup page. You should also consider adding unique promotions and special offers on the page.


7. Go live

The next step is to go live and launch your online language school. Of course, it doesn’t end there because your school isn’t successful until students enroll and you start making a profit.

You have to share your course and school’s information with your network and others.

Refer to step four(4) and kickstart your marketing campaigns. Ensure you engage in effective and useful marketing campaigns that will reach your target audience.


Final thoughts

Starting an online language school goes beyond the desire to do so. You have to take some steps to ensure things go smoothly. After setting up your online language school on Pledre, you can kickstart your marketing activities to reach more people. 


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