Feature Update - February 2023

Pledre Accelerator Programme 2.0.

We are about to Launch our Pledre Accelerator Programme 2.0.

We have taken the feedbacks from last year and we have made improvements to ensure that you get the best experience possible.

The goal is simple to help you launch and grow a successful online academy. 

Are you ready to launch and grow your online academy or do you have a physical school and want to take your academy to the next level by going online?

If Yes, then you should join the train for Pledre Accelerator Program 2.0. 

To participate, register via pledre.com/accelerator.

We have also made a few updates and here's an outline of the features:

  1. Import Application : Pledre has created a feature where you can import applications to your school. Your school can’t be better than now where you can import application you may need to enhance your school. The applications are to add games and the option of coding to your school. Learn more
  2. Tiering Feature : As a School Owner, this feature allows you give your students full access to the course or parts of the course. If you decide to allow part payments or discount your course, you may then give full access or parts of the course.  Pledre now has a feature that makes the job pretty easy by creating the feature Tiering. This allows you to break the course into 3 parts and maximum of 5. Learn more
  3. Upload Audio: Being able to upload audio files makes learning easier for students. Sometimes students may not have the luxury of time to watch videos, so the option of audio lessons comes into play here. This is why Pledre has added a new feature where your students can now listen in to take their lessons and learn on the go. They don’t have to be in a place where they can watch a video to be able to learn. All your students need do is to plug in and listen to the audio content you have put up for them. Learn more
  4. Hide Content Title: As a creator, oftentimes after creating your course contents you may not want your student to have access to the contents or even have an inkling of it just yet. Well Pledre has created a feature "Hide Content Title '' which allows you to keep enclosed the contents created until you want it disclosed to your students. Learn more
  5. Crowd Classroom: We have created a marketplace for academies to sell their courses and get students to take their courses. We found out it was a hassle for most academy owners to get students especially for those who didn't have a student base before now. 
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