How do I get access to a course as a student?

How do I get access to a course as a student?

Learning should only stop when one stops breathing. And in a bid to learn something new or take a refresher course on a subject you are familiar with, you could take online courses in any of the online academies created using Pledre and are teaching different skills. This article explains how you can get access to the content of a course. I would be using the school Oasis Academy as an example.

How it Works

1. First, you go to the school's website or to the link to the course. In my case, Oasis Academy's website is

2.Then, click Login/Register. This registers your information in the academy. Then, you select an account type. You register if you're creating an account for the first time or login if you're a returning student.

There are three account types: Student/Learner, Teacher/Facilitator, Administrator/School Owner.

In this case you choose Student/Learner and you input your email and set a password.

3. Right after that, you can choose a course or join a program depending on the school's offering. Click open course or join program. There you see a description about the tutor, course outline, course requirements and other information about the course.



4. Next, click open class or the pay button. When you click pay, you then proceed to make payment for the course. You can use your card, USSD or bank transfer. If you have a coupon code, you apply it at this point. On the other hand, when you click open class, you get into the course but would have to pay to have access to the content (NB: for free courses, you gain access to the content automatically).

Have a great time learning!

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