How to add video content in your course

How to add video content in your course


Video plays an important role in the development of quality online learning. Along with other strategies, video can assist in building an engaging online learning experience. In this article, you'd learn how to add video content to your courses in your online academy created using Pledre.

How it works

  1. Go to your dashboard via
  2. Navigate to courses and start a new course. You can also use an already existing course. After you have created a course, click on open class.
  3. Click on the new content button and select content type as file /video. Fill out relevant information i.e. content title and/or module. Click on the submit button to create new content.

4. On the right side of the screen click on add new and select from the various ways to add video content to your classroom. This includes: record camera, record screen, upload video and import from creator suite/YouTube.

Record camera

Pledre allows you to make a quick video recording using your device’s camera (Mobile or Desktop) and upload it as a video content for your students. This aids faster content creation and reduces time spent in setting up a recording space.

Record Screen

Teachers or instructors can create video content by recording their screen and uploading the video to their courses. This helps to capture and disseminate information faster to the students at little or no cost.

Upload Video

Pledre allows you upload pre-video content directly from your device (mobile or desktop) into your course.

Import from Creator Suite/YouTube

You can import video content from YouTube directly into your course through the creator suite. Just see the creator suite as a library for creating and storing different content such as video, text etc. To import videos from YouTube, select import from creator suite, click on the create new button and select import from YouTube.

You can create amazing course videos in your online academy using Pledre. Get started!

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