How to create/schedule a live class

How to create/schedule a live class

About this feature

Engaging with your students just got better with our custom built live class that allows you to communicate with your students seamlessly. Pledre allows you freedom to schedule live classes from its inbuilt Live class platform, Google meet or Zoom.

How it works

1. Go to your dashboard on

2. Navigate to courses and start a new course. You can also use an already existing course. After you have created a course, click on open class

3. Click on the new content button and select content type as live class. Fill out relevant information i.e. Content Title and Module then click on the submit button.


4. Next, click on live class button to schedule a live class or see your previously scheduled live classes

5. To schedule a new live class click on schedule live class button and fill input the necessary information i.e. Class title, Duration (start date & time and end date & time) and select which platform you will like to host your live class.

After filling the various fields, click on the create button and your live class will be scheduled for the date and time specified. Your students will also be able to see the scheduled live class.

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