How to Import Application to your School.

How to Use labs in your Academy.

We created a feature that allows you to import applications/labs/puzzles/games into your academy. Your school can’t be better than now where you can import application you may need to enhance your school.

Here’s how it works:

1. Go to your Dashboard, for this purpose we would be using Mock school.

2. Click on the course you want to import the application.

3. Then click on the module and content you would want to include the App.

4. Next at the extreme top right, the icon Add New+. Click on this and choose Import apps(Beta)

5. You then have to choose between the three options: Question and Answer Matcher, Text Matcher and Code IDE and Import that application.

Question and Answer Matcher: Create questions with options and select all the correct options. Students would be required to determine which options are correct by dragging out of the options to the answer fields.

Text Matcher: Create key and value pairs that students would match together. These items would be randomized and students would be required to drag the values to the appropriate keys.

Code IDE: with the Code IDE Integration, you can create code instructions for students to follow. When students run the code, the results get automatically compared with your preset output.

6. Once the app has been imported, you can then include your questions.

This feature would definitely excite you to try it in your school.

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