How to Upload Audio content to your school

How to Upload Audio content to your school

Being able to upload audio files makes learning easier for students.

Sometimes students may not have the luxury of time to watch videos, so the option of audio lessons come to play here.

This is why Pledre has added a new feature, where your students can now listen in to take their lessons and learn on the go.

They don’t have to be in a place where they can watch a video to be able to learn.

All your students need do, is to plug in and listen to the audio content you have put up for them.

Here’s how it works:

1. Go to your dashboard, for this purpose we would use mock school.

2. Click on the course, you want to include the audio content to.

3. Then click on the module and content you would want to include the audio file.

4. Next at the extreme top right, the icon Add New+. Click on this and choose upload audio.

5. You are then given the option to select audio and you then select and wait for the uploading process to be through.

6. Once this is done, your students can then listen to the audio files you have uploaded.

The upload audio feature is one that will make learning much easier for your students.

Try out this feature out and let your students enjoy taking audio lessons.

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