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Having an affiliate system for your courses is a way for you to market your courses at a low or no cost. You can turn your learners or fans into affiliates in such a way that it creates a win-win situation whereby you make money and your affiliates earn a commission. All you need is Pledre which helps you create a structured affiliate system for your course(s).

How it works

1. Go to your dashboard, navigate to Payments and select Affiliate Coupons

2. Click the Add new coupon button

3. Fill out the relevant information i.e student commission, affiliate code, discount for using referral/affiliate code, student account etc. Create a unique referral code for each student affiliate and share it with the student.

How to manage payouts

Our affiliate system is designed to help you easily track payments. The number of people who use an affiliate coupon code would be displayed in the Affiliate coupons section (i.e where the affiliate coupon was created. See the How it works section above to learn how to create yours).

Our payment provider automatically remits the commission you set when you were creating the referral code to the student and your percentage to the bank account you have provide under the school details section on your dashboard.

You can send a mail to if you still have any questions.

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