How to use Hide Content Title in your school's details page

How to use Hide Content Title in your school's details page

About the Feature

As a creator, often times after creating your course content you may not want your student to have access to the content or even have an inkling of it just yet.

Well, Pledre has created a feature "Hide Content Title" which allows you keep enclosed the contents created until you want it disclosed to your students.

Here’s how it works:

1. Go to your dashboard, for this purpose I would use

2. Click on Manage courses, then click on courses.

3. Choose the course you want to Hide the curriculum, then click on the settings button.

4. Under Course Information in settings, scroll down to “Do you want content title to show on the course details page”, default is Yes.

To hide the curriculum you have to toggle it off.

5. And then Content Title is no longer visible on course details page.

This feature allows you the opportunity to keep your contents hidden until you want it opened up to your students, especially when you don’t want your students to have an idea of what you have prepared or are preparing for them.

Try this out!

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