How to Use Tiering Feature in your school

How to Use Tiering Feature in your school

As the word implies, tiers are sections or parts of the course. As a School Owner, this feature allows you give your students full access to the course or parts of the course.

If you decide to allow part payments or discount your course, you may then give full access or parts of the course.

Hence Pledre has created a feature that makes the job pretty easy by creating the feature Tiering. This allows you to break the course into 3 parts and maximum of 5.

You then choose how many tiers you want the student to have access to.

Here's how it works: 

1. Go to your dashboard, for this purpose I would use Mock School.

2. Click on Manage courses, then click on courses.

3. Choose the Course you want to use the Tiering Feature, then click on the settings button.

4. Under advanced settings, Scroll down to Enable Tiering and enable tiering

5. Then choose the number of tiers you want your students to have access to. You have from 1 to a maximum of 5 tiers.

6. You then Submit Update.

7. Once the update is submitted, you can then go the students account. Click on Actions and assign to tiers or give full access.

Tiering give you the opportunity to give your students parts or full access to your in times you decide to give discounts to your courses.

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