Product Update - August 2023


Absolutely thrilled to share some exciting updates with you from our eventful August.

Here's a quick rundown of the key highlights:

1. Live Class Upgrade

Our Live Class feature just got a significant boost! We've introduced a Whiteboard feature, taking virtual collaboration to a whole new level. Now, you can engage in interactive learning, collaborate with your students in real time, and even use it as a powerful brainstorming tool with the ability to take notes right on the board. We've also enhanced the overall visual experience of live sessions with captivating background images and interactive expressions.

To check it out, simply login to your dashboard at

2. Course Filter

We've added a handy course filter to your "All Courses" page. This feature allows you to filter your courses based on specific states, including:


- Private Courses: These are courses with payment requirements. Students must make payments to gain access.

- Public Courses: Courses that are freely accessible without any payment.

- Mirrored Courses: Created from a parent course, they include all the content from the parent.

- Hidden Courses: Courses that are not visible on your school's homepage.

Coming Soon Courses: Courses are still in the process of content creation, but students can pre-register for them.





3. Student Filter


Managing student data just got easier! We've merged the course students page into the "All Students" page, allowing you to efficiently manage student information. You can now filter students by approval status (approved or unapproved) within specific courses.


Give it a try by visiting your dashboard at

4. Improved Classroom Management

We understand that classroom management is pivotal to the learning experience, so we've introduced some new features:


Preview Mode: Teachers and admins can now view the student learning interface using the preview mode, eliminating the need to log in as students.

- Live Class Scheduling: Schedule live classes within the course content without creating a new content type.

- Mirror Courses:  Easily create new courses from a parent course, inheriting all parent course contents. Please note that editing content within mirrored courses is not possible, and changes to parent courses affect mirrored ones. Live class scheduling is not affected for mirrored courses.



5. Course Tiering Upgrade

Course tiering has become even more versatile! You can now assign prices to the tiers within your courses. This means students only gain access to the tiers they've paid for. To set up tiering for your school, select a course, navigate to course settings, access advanced settings, and enable price tiering.

If you'd like to explore these improvements, head over to your dashboard at

We're continuously working to enhance your experience with Pledre, and we can't wait to see how these updates benefit you and your students. If you have any questions or need assistance with any of these features, don't hesitate to reach out.


Here's to an even more productive and engaging educational journey with Pledre!

Warm regards,



Pledre Team

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